White kitchen: some advantages which you didn’t guess

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A symbol of purity and a new beginning. See this white color psychologists. White kitchen, done in bright colors, is able to tell about his master the innermost. What they say about designers? They propose to examine the main advantages of this color solutions and make a choice in his favor.

Little increases and expands the narrow

The dream of women — big and beautiful kitchen, decorated along the walls with plenty of Cabinet space. In reality we have to settle for small square footage. To rectify the situation able white color, thanks to its main features — to visually enlarge the space. White walls, ceiling and kitchen furniture and your kitchen do not know. Instead of the cramped and narrow room appears infinitely long and spacious room.Borders are erased, and a string of shelving extends into the distance. Add to that the vivid details in the form of colored vases and striped flooring, and the picture will come to life.

White kitchen adds light and heat

Bright shades can create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. How? Due to their properties to scatter light.Rare rays of the sun touching the white surface glossy kitchen units, will scatter in different directions. Walls constructed in sand or beige colors only enhance the effect and “warm” room.

White kitchen: some advantages which you didn’t guess
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Bright kitchen with walls done in shades of beige

Appropriate here will be bright and the table cloth, plain or patterned. The charge of good mood for the whole day after a Cup of coffee under such conditions provided to you.

Facilitates maintenance

Stereotypes run the show, but those who are not afraid to break them, win a lot more. Ask the hostess of the white kitchen furniture, how much time she spends on housekeeping. I think the answer will surprise you very much. Caring for such a kitchen is no more difficult than black. And something even easier. After all, on white you will see contaminated sites and instantly remove. It is worth remembering that on the dark glossy surface prints and erosion is much more noticeable than on a light. The question of practicality has more to do with the ability of the materials used for the manufacture of furniture, to absorb the dirt. Consider this, making a choice.

White kitchen tames any style

Thanks to its restraint, simplicity and versatility of white color easily becomes the main element of any style trends.

Use your imagination and add to the white facades of the kitchen cabinets:

  • gilt and silver decoration, furniture with a concave surface to embody the Baroque style;
  • of fine accessories in green-blue range to create a classic French style;
  • black rectangular frames on the walls, table and chairs simple forms — minimalism before your eyes.

Agree, not every color is capable of.

11 Pictures of the White kitchen: some advantages which you didn’t guess

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