What to Consider When Installing Slab Door

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slab door installation video with slab door solid core

When you plan to replace your front door, the chance is you will have to choose between per-hung and slab door. As for today, we will focus on slab door exterior. Whether you decide to install slab door with glass or without, we have useful information to help you. Check them out!

A slab door is what we usually think of when we have to think of doors. Generally, it is just a rectangular slab of steel, composite, or wood. There is no door hardware or hinges mounted, so it is up to you to attach the door to the frame via hinges. It is different than per-hung door that is already per-attached. However, the door installation for both door types is still not easy anyway.

There are some reasons why you will feel installing the slab door is more beneficial and appropriate. For example, if you need to keep the total costs low, this door type surely is the right choice. And if you are experienced in woodworking and craftsmanship and confidence with your skill, installing slab doors also worth to try. You can also benefit from the availability of unique door models, including antique and traditional ones. Compared to pre-hung door, the slab one weighs more and is less bulky. Last but not least, this door type is also suitable as interior door, where less-than-perfect installations are somewhat forgiven. Besides, interior slab doors don’t care if they are weather-tight.

As mentioned before, installing slab door is not easy. It requires a good eye, a steady hand, and lots of skills and practice. And the task can be even more difficult if the size of the new door is different than the one you are about to replace. Besides, you have limited door options to explore too, with more individual slabs are available compared to the ones pre-hung on the door frame.

slab door actual size also slab access door

What to Consider When Installing Slab Door
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