Traditional Kitchen Designs

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Traditional Kitchen Design, English Kitchen Design, Traditional Kitchen Ideas

Traditional kitchen designs are nothing but kitchen designs that are inspired by former European and American designs between 1700s and 1900s. The idea behind traditional kitchen designs is that the space should be functional as well as gives out classy and formal appearance at the same time. Thus, traditional kitchen designs incorporate more room for being resourceful because of the combined and free usage of the pieces belonging to the historic era.

One is spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a traditional themed kitchen design. By far, Victorian era traditional kitchen designs are among the most famous kitchen designs because of the sophisticated and intricate pieces that they incorporate in them. Trimming and moulding are basic which includes the usage of polished and dark woods. The main element of Victorian styled design is to give that elegant feel to the kitchen. From wooden cabinets to raised panels to arch doors, these form the standard norms for a Victorian themed kitchen design along with using equal amounts of brass and metal works that gets featured on drawers, knobs and cabinet handles.

Talking of the traditional Georgian era kitchen designs which makes use of wood like oak, walnut and mahogany. The style is synonymous to square panel raise doors, cabinets, moulding along with furniture that have wooden accents. The light fixtures in a Georgian themed kitchen design are strategically placed for complimenting and enhancing the wooden work.

Other traditional kitchen designs include Regency, Italianate, Edwardian, American, Neoclassical, Colonial and Shaker. All the aforementioned designs make use of the walnut or mahogany cabinetry along with raised cabinet panel doors as well as rope mouldings, crown and other trims. Marble counters along with complimenting colours, traditional themed kitchen designs go a long way even without doing significant changes or makeovers for years at a stretch.

Traditional Kitchen Design, English Kitchen Design, Traditional Kitchen Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Designs
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Traditional Kitchen Design, English Kitchen Design, Traditional Kitchen Ideas

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