The Wardrobe Armoire

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wardrobe armoire with drawers

It has been many years that wardrobe armoire serves both its functionality and also decorative aspect at the same time. Surely it is useful in providing additional storage spaces that you could store your clothes, supplies, and other things in it. It is also a great piece to enhance the decoration of the room where it is placed. The one that could bring a better atmosphere into the respective room is especially the antique armoire having elegant look and high detail finish.

There are several types of the wardrobe armoire itself depending on its different original functions. The first one is the jewelry armoire. As its name suggests that this version of armoire storage is the haven of any piece of jewelry that the owners of the armoire furniture has and want to store them safe. There are some features on this type including additional drawers, pegs, and even mirrors. All of those features are very mush supporting the function of this type that is to store jewelries.

Second one of the wardrobe armoire types is the TV armoire. As the one with the jewelry armoire, this one is also functioned as indicated by its name. It is usually in a huge piece of furniture that could hold a large TV. There are also places for a stereo, a set of speakers, and also a set of movie collection. The fact that it could no longer hold the size of today’s TV size is a bit of its disadvantage. Yet it is still a nice huge piece of decorative furniture though especially for those who prefer a classic style.

Third type of the wardrobe armoire is the computer armoire. This type is the place to store a set of complete PC with any additional pieces related to works or studies. There is also a possibility that the users could conceal the entire set of the computer when needed. Yet this type of armoire storage is not available in such vintage style since there was no computer back then at the time this thing is popular.

double wardrobe armoire

The Wardrobe Armoire
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The last type of the armoire is surely the one that is known only as wardrobe itself. This is the most original type that is having its function to store various clothes that you have. Commonly there are also other fabric pieces that are stored aside of clothes like towels and blankets. Those are some types of the wardrobe armoire that could be so functional and decorative.

23 Pictures of the The Wardrobe Armoire

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