The Type of Queen Metal Bed Frame

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queen metal bed frame with headboard and footboard

Queen metal bed frame is available in the market with various types. Each type of this metal bed frame has its own criterion. If the purpose of buying a bed is merely for sleeping, bed frame with no additional features or functions come as the main priority. The length is about 200-208 cm, the normal size. Headboard without decoration suits this type better. In order to make it simpler, removing the headboard from the frame is possible. It is a proper bed and can be used to rest. The footboard with cylinder shape is quite suitable. The height of the footboard is about 100-106 cm. the space between the bed frame with the floor will make the daily cleaning activity much easier.

Queen metal bed frame’s model can be changed if there is another purpose. The size of the bedroom always becomes the main problem. There is not enough space to put the luggage. Multifunction bed is the solution for solving this problem. There is a metal bed frame with additional feature such as wardrobe to store the clothes. The position of the wardrobe depends on desire. The first possibility to put the wardrobe is in the headboard. The second is in the left side or the right of the bed. As the most common type, it is placed under the bed frame. The wardrobe which is put under bed frame is capable to load a lot of your clothes.

Queen metal bed frame can be designed for single or double user. For single bed frame, the length and the width are half than the double bed frame. The footboard of double bed frame must be checked carefully. It must be strong and made from good quality steel because it is used by two persons. As reference, pick bed frame with galvanized steel as its main material.

queen metal bed frame with wheels

The Type of Queen Metal Bed Frame
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