The Base Styles of Square Folding Table

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There is the square folding table as a particular type of table. As a matter of fact there are more variations of this type only in terms of the base styles. In relation to the functionality of the table, its legs might not really have a great effect. Yet in terms of its style, surely different legs will bring different look to match different base of the interior decoration. So, what are the variations of base style of this folding table type?

The Comfort-Style Legs is one of the base styles of the square folding table. It refers to a set of legs in an open style of frame. It offers easy standing and sitting to everyone when the table is prepared to be used. Surely as the name suggests, this one is offering more on comfort. Another type of the base style of the folding square table is the Four Folding Legs. This one is a not so common style of the base as a matter of fact. Yet, it is available that some tables are having a four-leg set having hinge on each one of the leg. Each one of the leg is folded on its own way separately.

The H-Style Legs is another base style option of the square folding table. The H-Style name is derived from the presence of a kind of connecting rung or bar right between the two legs of the tables to create a unity of end-leg. The connecting bar is usually located right in the middle of the upper section of the table height. Another type of the base style of this folding table style is the Ladder Frame. There are two connected legs creating two-end legs. There are at least two pieces of rung or bar in between the two legs on both ends of the table that looks like a ladder.

Pedestal Legs is another type of the base style of square folding table. This base style folds inwards to the center of the table. It could be in single-post or double-post that are both having a wide feet for better stability and balance of the table. Roman Legs is another base style which has a set of two straight posts in a soldier-like appearance. The placement is commonly at the center of each end of the table. Last one is the Wishbone Legs that is actually similar to the H-Style. This base style of square folding table enhances the stability of the table.

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The Base Styles of Square Folding Table
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14 Pictures of the The Base Styles of Square Folding Table

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