The Advantages of Exterior Window Shades over the Indoor Ones

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exterior sun blocking window shades

More and more people use exterior window shades nowadays. This may be unthinkable in the past, but certainly it has its own advantages over the indoor ones. The interior shades usually include wide blinds, mini blinds, drapes, verticals, and so many more. The interior style was also being recommended by the architects and designers. They thought that this is the best way to help them shade the room from the bright sunlight and to provide the privacy that people living in the house would want.

The use of the exterior window shades in the United States is quite new, but in Europe it has been used for more than four decades. The exterior shade may be overlooked quite often by homeowners because it usually cost a lot. But with the high energy cost in Europe, this has certainly become a great investment. This leads us to the first advantage of the outdoor shades which can be one of the most important one compared to the others.

When the sun shines on the homes, the energy that it brings will stop on the roof and walls of the house. This energy is crucial and can be used in replacement to the electrical energy. The windows are usually covered with the interior or exterior window shades. Without the shades, the window usually cannot stop the short wave radiation from the sun. Once the short wave radiation passed through the window, it will touch the surfaces in the room and this is usually called the passive solar heat.

 So, if we can install a device to stop the short wave radiation, it will make a huge difference. But of course, it would also depend on where we place the device. When we use the interior shade, we place a device inside and this means that the sun has gone through the window at the first place. On the other hand, if we place the device outdoor or using the exterior window shades, we would be able to stop the radiation before it touches the window and at the same time they can absorb the whole energy.

exterior window blinds shades

The Advantages of Exterior Window Shades over the Indoor Ones
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Thus, the exterior window shades can absorb the solar energy and reflect up to 95% of the total radiance and leaving only 5% in the house. This way, the heat is reduced significantly and the room will be much cooler. When the room is cooler, we would not be using any air conditioner to keep us cool.

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