Teenage Boys Bedroom: Its Color, Its Wall, and Its Furniture

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Teenage boys are simpler than teenage girls. The characteristics of teenage boys bedroom also simpler than the characteristics of teenage girls bedroom. Their bedroom is usually composed by the common furniture for their age. The only girls’ characteristics that can be found also in boys characteristics are their habit to imitate their idols’ appearance, hobby, or characteristics. But it is not a big problem because every human is began by imitating the older. The big problem is when the idol imitated by them is a wrong person.

While the teenage girls’ bedroom usually dominates by the white or purple color, teenage boys bedroom usually dominates by the combination between white and black color. It is caused by the psychological development. That is the boy trying for making the choice between right and wrong. The white color is the symbol of right choice and the black color is the symbol of wrong choice.

Beside of the special characteristic in color, teenage boys bedroom also relates to the combination of the masculine furniture as the place for saving the tool of man’s sport like baseball beater. It can be a shelf in one side of the bedroom. Then, boy bedroom ideas also considers the wall not in color only but also its function for placing some posters, usually the poster of boys’ athlete idol or the artist who inspires them.

Another special characteristic of teenage boy bedroom is the furniture. The most common furniture can be found in boy bedroom decoration is the music furniture. It can be various tools, but the boy usually becomes the singer, especially when they start to fall in love with girl. The music furniture can be completed by the tool of self-singing. It can make them enjoy the bedroom as long as they can express their feeling through singing.

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Teenage Boys Bedroom: Its Color, Its Wall, and Its Furniture
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