Small Roof Top Gardens Modification

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simple small roof top gardens

Small roof top gardens are the garden which is located in the rooftop. This means that you maximize your roof top to be a garden. As we know, today there is a little land which can be used for the garden. Garden is very needed by the people to produce the oxygen. If there is no garden, there will be no oxygen because the plant is the place to produce the oxygen. Because of that reason, garden is very important for use. Beside to produce the oxygen, garden is very needed to make your house looks beautiful. However, there is a problem. The land is very limited.

Because the land is very limited, some people try to make the garden in the other place. Small roof top gardens are one of the modifications of the garden for those who have not an enough land to make the wider garden. This kind of garden modification is located in the rooftop of the house. This can be for hotel, apartment, and other like flats. Usually, hotel, apartment, and flat have the roof top so that it can be used as the rooftop garden. However, this kind of rooftop garden is small. This only uses the small place in the rooftop.

Small roof top gardens are usually used in the foreign. This has not been familiar in Indonesia. However, some flats have used this kind of garden modification. Most of foreigner which is lived in the flats or apartment utilizes the rooftop to make the garden. Some of the foreigner realizes that the garden is very important for them to produce the oxygen so that they make the small garden in their rooftop.This kind of garden modification should be socialized for the people so that in every flat there is a small garden.

small roof garden ideas

Small Roof Top Gardens Modification
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16 Pictures of the Small Roof Top Gardens Modification

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