Scottish cottages for rent in the highlands

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Scotland, a cousin of England, have been borrowing its options of interior decoration for centuries. However, many of the introduced elements were adapted to the harsh reality of this northern region. Such interior you cam meet even in Scottish cottages for rent.

The main features of Scottish style

The colour scheme of the interior of this trend is sustained in soothing natural tones. White, light gray, beige and brown, as well as their multiple shades are used for decorating the space, and for the formation of everyday accessories style.

To recreate a Scottish style in the interior walls are usually crumble in white or beige. Wood floors spread of dark tones, or specially hewn stones. One of the main decorative materials, typical of this area is water stone. With its help you can get a magnificent and authentic interior in the Scottish style. With this medium-sized, but textured stone are laid not only practically “eternal” floors, but also the living room walls, fireplaces, and is an inherent part of the Scottish style.

Despite the dominance of asymmetry prevailing in the Scottish style architecture, internal furniture is meticulously calculated and geometrically to the limit. Arched style come from the architecture of medieval castles, and often occurs in modern apartments – arch design door, interior space, and fireplaces used in these interiors for quite some time. Designers working in the Scottish direction are happy to use the arch, skilfully combining them with historical stained glass windows, tapestries and wrought-iron panels. There are a lot of such elements in luxury Scottish cottages for rent.

Scottish cottages for rent in the highlands
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The traditional “tartan”

Creating a modern interior in the Scottish style, you should definitely use a tartan. It may be in a modern black-and-white or blue-and-white interpretation.

If, however, created a traditional interior, you should choose a classic tartan – often is the cell in red, sometimes green and blue colours. You can meet it especially in Scottish highlands cottages for rent.

Tartan: how to use it correctly

Many different plaid patterns make the interior pock-marked, coarse. Let there be no more than two different plaid patterns: for example, one of the curtains, the other – in the upholstery of the chair. Of course, the cells should be similar to the rhythm or colour. You can combine the classical cell and tartan.

It is also possible to mix cells and strips: for example, you can combine two seats, one of which is striped and the other – the checked.

Ideally, the cell is combined with self-coloured fabrics and trimmings. It is desirable that the colours of a monochromatic finish will be present in the cell too. If, for example, the cell is yellow-gray you should combine it with gray or yellow.

Interesting is also a combination with floral and ethnic ornaments. The cell means ordering, graphic quality, geometric, so it is the perfect backdrop for something that has a rounded shape, smooth lines. Superb is also combination of checked fabric with skin: for example, it turns out very harmonious duet tartan and leather armchairs.

But there are things that the checked fabric does not suffer in the interior – a lot of details. It is plural by itself. If you hung on the checked wall a bunch of small paintings, photo frames, posters and other wall decoration, it will be just difficult to look at such a wall. Instead of ordering plaid you can get the full visual chaos.

Scottish cottages for rent in the highlands – video

8 Pictures of the Scottish cottages for rent in the highlands


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