Round Kitchen Table and Chairs

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Round kitchen table and chairs are very common for many people. Many of them own this round furniture at home for any rooms. They feel happy and peaceful to have this furniture because the shape is flexible to be matched with any themes and colors of the room or the house. There are many kinds of finishing for round furniture, especially the one which is made of wood. Wood is a neutral material for furniture because it can match any themes.

We are here to help you know the type of round furniture finishing. It can help you find the one that is really suitable with your choice. The first finishing method for round kitchen table and chairs is the wax. This is a simple finishing. Many pros do not recommend this kind of finishing. This is because this material seems to be very picky in matching to polish a surface. It works well on shellac or lacquer. Don’t worry because we have other alternatives.

Next, let us play with oil. There are several types of oil, such as true, linseed, and tung oil. First, the true oils are the linseed and tung themselves. The price of oil in the market is still affordable, do not worry. This oil is really good at drying the finishing. This oil seems to be special in round kitchen table and chairs because it can differentiate by its own way which is nondrying or semidrying use. You can pick soybean oil as a sample. It can strengthen the wood because it has polymerization.

Linseed oil and tung oil are two methods of finishing the furniture. Linseed oil is seen as a slow response of oil to make the object dry. You can reuse the product by yourself because the steps to make it really easy. The mixing between raw linseed oil with chemical material makes this oil can dry faster. The tung oil for round kitchen table and chairs are taken from nuts of trees. If this oil is heated, it can dry faster and also minimize the possibility to get frost.

Round Kitchen Table and Chairs
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The last type of finishing for modern round tables is the varnish. It is made of synthetic resins that are really strong. The strength of this material is added by the drying oil that has been transformed. The process of making this varnish is just the same as the true oils which are through polymerization. Many pros suggest varnish as the best finishing type for round kitchen table and chairs because it is very durable and applicable. Besides, it is resistant to water, heat, and chemical materials.

21 Pictures of the Round Kitchen Table and Chairs

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