Patio Umbrella Hunting Tips for Cozier Patio in Your Backyard

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To complete our outdoor patio, we can consider using patio awning or patio umbrella. If you’re more interested to add umbrella to your patio, you must pick one in the right size. The size is the most crucial thing to consider when we’re looking for umbrella for our patio. If the umbrella we choose is too small, it won’t give us enough shade and we won’t feel comfortable to stay in our patio. But if the umbrella is too big, the patio will look weird instead of look natural.

We need to measure our patio’s area we want to coverage with patio umbrella. An umbrella for patio must be adjusted with the table of our patio. Pick umbrella that has extra two feet from the diameter of the round patio table. For example, if the diameter of a round patio table is thirty inches, the diameter of the umbrella must be six feet. Patio umbrellas we can find in patio umbrella clearance are available in various sizes started from four feet to eleven feet. But some manufacturers provide special umbrellas with thirteen feet diameter for bigger patio.

Choose Patio Umbrella That Has Ideal Height

The height of patio umbrella is as important as the width or diameter of the umbrella. Pick outdoor patio umbrella that is tall enough and that will make tall adults feel cozy when they stay in the patio. Ideal height of the pole of IKEA patio umbrella is between seven and eight feet. Even though there are some patio umbrellas that are taller, those are not recommended.

Don’t forget to choose the right material or fabric to provide more comfort in your patio. If you’re used to stay in your patio during the summer, you’ll need umbrella that has breathable canopies feature. This type of umbrella will keep you feel cool when you stay under this patio umbrella.

Patio Umbrella Hunting Tips for Cozier Patio in Your Backyard
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