Patio Heater Infrared and Conventional for Different Styled Patios

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Many people use patio heater to warm them up in winter. If you’re looking for a heater for your patio, pick infrared patio heater. This heater is one of the most popular heaters. How does this heater work? This type of heater uses infrared waves to warm up the area around it. Many people believe that this heater for patio is more energy efficient and also more eco friendly than conventional heater for patio. Besides, this heater works in different ways.

Since this heater for patio uses waves, people will feel the heat radiation produced by this heater if only they stay nearby this heater. If we step away from the patio heater, we won’t feel the heat that’s produced by this heater. In other words, this heater will not heat the entire room or the air in that room, but it heats the stuffs or people nearby this heater.

Infrared and Conventional Patio Heater Reviews

Conventional patio heater is able to heat the entire spaces in a room through its convection process. Conventional heater will heat the air around it, so everyone in the area around this heater will automatically feel warmer. This process is the same process like the process happens in the oven. This heater is a better heater for small patio, but it is not a good choice for spacious and opened patio.

Infrared heater is different since it works by radiating infrared waves. As long as you stay close with the infrared heater, you’ll feel warm. But if you shift one step further from the heater, you won’t feel the warmth at all. Just like the sunlight, we’ll feel warm if only we face the sunlight. But if we stay away, the warmth intensity will decrease. No wonder if infrared patio heater is better when it is used in a patio with minimal barrier so that the infrared waves will warm our body directly.

Patio Heater Infrared and Conventional for Different Styled Patios
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