Affectionate Fireplace Post and Mantle

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fireplace poster fake fireplace

The winter is on the way and this is good time for you to prepare for welcoming the season. It will be perfect when the season is coming while we enjoy a glass of hot chocolate in front of fireplace together with family. But, you should change your fireplace post and mantle into the new […]

The Kids Room Idea and the Consideration for That

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kids room furniture

Composing the idea about kids room can be assumed as easy to do since the kid’s characteristic can be found in simple idea. Nevertheless, sometimes that can be hard too since the people who compose the design about the room itself must know the way of kid’s thinking. That is sometimes complex especially for some […]

Can You Install Flattering Fiberglass Shower Tile?

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fiberglass shower stall to tile

What a glamour look it is! Fiberglass shower tile makes your bathroom seems flattering which is very friendly budget and installation. Just imagine the enjoyment you will get while you are bathing under shower and feel the glass by touching it through your hand. Surely, you feel new sensation of showering. It is very suitable […]

The Laundry Room Cabinets

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laundry room cabinets for small spaces

Laundry room cabinets are the important thing that must be considered in the way of completing the laundry room as a room that has the function of washing clothes and the cabinets can be used to store the clothes that have been washed and dried. When people think about the cabinets, people think about the […]

The Versatility of the Platform Bedroom Sets

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modern furniture platform bedroom sets

The platform bedroom sets were once considered as the modern be style. However, today the platform beds are available in so many different styles and features. This bed is perfect for smaller rooms because it is generally lower than the standard size beds. Because of the low height, the platform bed can make the smaller […]

Contemporary Bath Shower for Your Modern Looking Bathroom

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modern bath shower mixer taps

Contemporary bath shower is something that you will want to have in your modern looking house. This kind of accessories will surely be something that fit your modern looking bathroom best. for your information, simplicity and uniqueness are two things that can describe this kind of shower for the bathroom. Therefore, if you are planning […]

Painting Concrete Floors to Let Your Floor Shine

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painting concrete floors in your house

Painting concrete floors sound interesting because when it comes to floor, most of us are used to those kind of all-of-done flooring; bricks, parquet, ceramics or wood flooring that once it get installed then we have nothing more to do about it beside to regularly maintain it and sweep it clean. Indeed all kinds of […]

Contemporary Modern Full Bed Design

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full size modern platform bed frame

Contemporary modern full bed is the bed which has contemporary and also modern design for the bed. This means that this kind of bed has the combination of contemporary and modern design in the same bed. This is very good for you if you have the combination for your bed. Beside that this will make […]

DIY King Bed Frame with Storage

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king bed frame with storage black

King bed frame with storage can be a good recommendation for you who are looking for a bed for your bedroom. This bed is a big size bed that has one or more storage in its frame. This kind of bed is very useful and helpful because the storage can be used to keep your […]

Elegant Boys Baby Room, How to Create It?

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elegant baby boy shower decorations

Having baby is really lovely. Many women in the world will enjoy this moment very much. Then, they will create the decoration of the baby room in the best design. Do you have a baby too? If you have a baby, we know that you will make the baby room also. So, come here for […]