Kitchen design red is a bold and original solution!

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Design kitchen red color often choose spectacular and quite extraordinary personality. Regardless of what emphasis is put in the interior, the kitchen always looks original and festive. To the interior is not too aggressive, not tired of you, stick to certain rules when creating kitchen interior design in red tones, and our article will help.

The red color in the design of the kitchen from the point of view of psychology

Red is one of the most exciting, invigorating and attention-grabbing colors. Psychologists believe that red kitchens are more suitable for self-confident people, impulsive, leading active (up to extreme) lifestyle. Red promotes good appetite, so be with this color, be careful if you’re on a diet. According to the results of numerous studies, kitchen in red tones – this is a perfectly acceptable choice for most people. Just when creating this interior, you know the measure, especially if it’s a small room. For example, use softened shades of red, or use red in the kitchen in small doses.

The pros and cons of the use of the red shades in the kitchen

The red color of the design of the kitchen space has both advantages and disadvantages. Knowing all the pros and cons, you can easily come to a compromise option.


Kitchen design red is a bold and original solution!
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Moderate red accents in the interior give a person positive energy, vivacity, and awakens sexual desire;
This color scheme gives the room festive and creates a festive mood, this person is missing in the monotonous gray days;
The combination of red and all its shades with gold gives the impression of wealth and luxury. Properly aligning these colors can achieve great effect, while spending the least money. If the kitchen is made in Chinese or Oriental style, the red color is taken for granted. With the help of red color is easy to divert attention from any shortcomings of the room.


Long stay in a room with a dominant red color irritating effect on the human psyche. If red color in the kitchen a lot, you may be faced with the manifestation of excessive irritability of nervous tension in others. The over-saturation of red in the interior of the kitchen room acts Atalaya and reduces efficiency;
The room is decorated in an intense red color, visually becomes smaller and smaller, the ceilings lower. Creates the effect of proximity, and pressure walls.

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