Japanese Bed Frame and Futon

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Japanese bed frame, it is just like its name. The origin of this bed frame style is from Japan. Since a long time ago, this kind of bed is only used by Japan’s citizens. However, as the time goes by, the model or style of bed begins to develop. People want to try something new to refresh the monotonous culture which bores them. By adopting the culture of other nations, a new product is born. The Japanese bed frame is derived from this kind of desire.

Japanese bed frame normally uses wood as its basic material. Pinewood or mahogany wood is the most common material. The price for a bed that uses this concept is above average. Well, the reason is really obvious; it is because the main material is one of the rarest materials, wood. The two kinds of wood which has been mentioned are the premium quality, so there is no need to be surprised by its price. The common design of this bed frame, it has sort footboard. Hence, there is no space between the floor and the footboard. This product is usually available in the market in several colors such as brown, black, or natural finish type.

Japanese bed frame uses futon. Futon is a Japanese term to name a mattress. It is stuffed with wool, cotton, or synthetic material. This type of futon can be flipped when it is not used. The texture of this mattress is soft, slim, and flat.  However, for you that do not like the original futon from japan, western futon which has been modified, it may suit your taste. It is not like Japanese futon which is removable, western futon (mattress) is different. It is not replaceable. The bed frame and the futon are usually sold as one package. However, Japanese bed frame is a classic design and worth to be owned.

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Japanese Bed Frame and Futon
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20 Pictures of the Japanese Bed Frame and Futon

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