How to Care and Maintain Your Bamboo Wood Flooring Properly

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bamboo wooden flooring and bamboo hardwood flooring reviews

The bamboo wood flooring is indeed beautiful and durable. However, those qualities will go to waste if you cannot do the proper bamboo wood flooring maintenance and care. Today, we will share some useful information about bamboo floor maintenance and care so you can truly benefit from the bamboo wood flooring installation.

If your bamboo wood flooring is damaged through the finish, a slight damage or minor chip can still be handled on your own. Use a colored wax to minimize it so you can reduce the look of deeper blemishes. However, if the damage is severe enough, we highly recommend you to replace the board immediately. To ensure the replacement match your existing floor, taking a sample of the flooring to the local hardware store is suggested. In most cases, taking more than one shade may be appropriate to do.

To clean the bamboo wood flooring you may find the overall process is typically the same with cleaning other flooring types. However, there are some differences to remember. Keep your bamboo floor free from dust and moisture by using a pad or soft cloth so you can make sure the dirt and dust are removed from the floor. You can also use a damp mop to clean and care your bamboo floor. Just be sure the mop is not too wet since bamboo floors are unable to deal with a large amount of moisture.

To get rid of stubborn spills from your bamboo wood flooring, use a dry towel or cloth to remove as much as possible. Then use a damp cloth to wipe any remaining spill. Make sure you do not scrub as it will push the spills down to the flooring space instead. Blot the spills several times until they’re gone and immediately dry with a soft cloth. Remember that the sooner you attend to the spills, the less like they are to cause damage to or to stain the surface.

bamboo wood flooring and bamboo wood flooring reviews

How to Care and Maintain Your Bamboo Wood Flooring Properly
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