Gazebos for Beautiful and Perfect Backyard

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In making gazebos, we need to decide the concept or theme first. The models of gazebo are available in plenty options. There is traditional gazebo, classic gazebo, country gazebo, and even minimalist gazebo. When choosing the concept or theme of gazebo, we need to adjust it with the theme of our house. Usually, traditional gazebo is made from natural materials like bamboo, wood, stones, and fibers. But classic gazebo usually looks like European styled buildings with white painted walls and lots of flower around the gazebo.

If our house is a modern house, minimalist gazebos that are opened with modern furniture inside and neutral colors will be a nice choice. Beside the concept of gazebo, we also need to know the ideal size of garden gazebos. We can adjust the size of our gazebo according to our needs. For example, if we’re going to build a gazebo that’s able to accommodate up to four people, the ideal size is 2meter x 2meter. Just make sure that our gazebo’s size is less than fifth of our backyard’s space.

Beautifying the Homemade Gazebos

We’re free to prettify our gazebos with any decoration we desire. For example, if we want a romantic atmosphere in our gazebo, we can consider adding curtains. Pick some sweet curtains and hang them on the walls. Curtains on the patio gazebos are a great way to make a gazebo looks romantic and this is an excellent idea for newlyweds who don’t have children yet.

Another decoration that perfects our gazebo is the right plants. Generally, all types of plant go well with our gazebo. But we need to pick plants that will support the theme of our gazebo. Flowering plants are the most popular plants for gazebo. Avoid planting big tree nearby your gazebo since it will block the sunlight to reach the gazebos.

Gazebos for Beautiful and Perfect Backyard
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21 Pictures of the Gazebos for Beautiful and Perfect Backyard

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