Gardens of Babylon: Beautiful Present for the Queen

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Gardens of Babylon or also known as hanging garden of Babylon are really famous for its beautiful and romantic design, maintenance as well as the really amazing plants and flowers. If you look at the hanging gardens of Babylon pictures, you will understand why this garden is really popular till today although it is still in debate whether this hanging garden does exist or doesn’t. You may read the facts about it or the history that says this garden was a present for the queen.

Gardens of Babylon: Romantic Hanging Garden Design

If you read more about hanging gardens of Babylon facts you may find the there is still no proof that say these gardens of Babylon existed in the ancient city of Babylon. However, this garden becomes one of the seven wonder of Ancient World. Otherwise, if you look at the pictures of this garden including read the ancient texts about this garden: you may believe that this garden is really beautiful and romantic as it was as the present for the queen.

You will see amazing description about the picture of gardens of Babylon where it has romantic design of the beautiful and exotic and lush greenery that is perfected with colorful flowers that are cascading from the beautiful sky. This garden evokes romantic garden design. It was surely made of brilliant designer as this garden also describes the magnificent features and elements.

Some sources also say that this garden has floating plants: magnificent water features also elaborate terraces. Indeed, brilliant designer made this garden century ago and for this day, this garden still remains mystery about the facts and the myths. You can also read more other sources including about the history or the researches as well as the facts and myths about this gardens of Babylon to get more other information.

Gardens of Babylon: Beautiful Present for the Queen
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13 Pictures of the Gardens of Babylon: Beautiful Present for the Queen

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