Front Door with Sidelights Ideas Giving a Wow Look

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front door with sidelights that open

It can be said that front door with sidelights is a timeless design as it has been so popular since a few decades ago. Sidelights accents that are placed next to the door belongs to skinny windows that give natural lights while at the same time create privacy too. When these accents are combined with the main door, then this welcoming spot will be so interesting. And, in order to help you in this case, the writer had collected some crazy ideas of decorating Front door with sidelights. Check them out and be inspired!

When you are hunting this kind of door in the marketplace, you will find them already come in one set. Sometimes, they also feature pillars on its side as well as canopy right at the above parts. Whatever the features added just make sure that the chosen Front door with sidelights will be matching with the style of your home. If your home comes in classic style, then you might choose the one featuring intricate design along its surface. The same as when the door is installed in modern or contemporary style just go with the simple and clean lined doors among the sidelights.

Sidelights are additional windows, aren’t they? So, I do think that this piece can be decorated just like the other window. Welcome for all window treatments like curtains, drapes, blinds, or be daring in adding frost spray or paint at its surface. Put some “jewelry” to your Front door with sidelights will make it even pretty without compromising its task. The choices are also limitless, not only from the fabrics but also painting and blinds are ready to transform the beast into the beautiful piece. So, treat your sidelights just like the other window is a must.

Make your sidelights a customizable so that it is able to answer all your needs. You can have a stylish Front door with one sidelights only if the layout of the exterior permit for so. Add two similar lanterns at the side of the doors so that it gives beautiful lighting at your porch. A personalized sidelights door is also good choice for anyone who wants to update the old Front door with sidelights. Now, after knowing all the above tips to decorate the sidelights, ready to set the date?

front door with sidelights that open

Front Door with Sidelights Ideas Giving a Wow Look
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