Front backyard landscape plans photos, pictures

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Interest in the topic of this article may be caused by many things. But eighty-five percent – it is indifferent to the appearance of your home. After all, its facade – it’s not just the “face” of the building, but also the “face” of its owner. This relationship moves all interested readers to the study of this subject. It is not necessary to condemn the remaining fifteen percent of homeowners for indifference to their “face.

” Here, too, there are many reasons, including financial, because the design of the facade of a country house – quite expensive. But this article will be helpful to both groups of homeowners, because it contains information not only about the design of the facade, which requires a significant investment, but also about its variants, it is available to anyone interested person. Of course, you can simply order a design project. But the design, made by your own hand will be the subject of your pride, because it is unique. So let’s begin.


Choose a style

Before proceeding to the design of the landscape ideas for front yard of the house, it is determined what style we want to see him. This is the basis for all subsequent. Do not forget about the opinion of other family members. The design of the facade of a country house is most often done in the following styles:

Front backyard landscape plans photos, pictures
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– Country;

– Provence;

– English style;

– Romantic;

– Byzantine style.

The options of facing the wall of the facade

Having determined the style, it is time to think and see the range of materials used for wall cladding of the facade of the house, choose the one you like and that is suitable for the style of the house. Here are some of them, the most popular.

– Natural stone. It is the oldest natural lining material. Quite expensive, but very reliable, that is, “game worth the candle stands”.

– Facade tiles of natural and artificial stone. It is a lovely modern facing material. Made of limestone, limestone, sandstone, and wild stone (dolomite).

– Artificial stone facade will give your house the same form as natural stone, but is much cheaper.

– Facing bricks. Modern brick colour is represented in range from light yellow hues to dark red. This material is cheaper and it is less time-consuming than the stone to work with its clutch, so it looks more attractive.

– Decorative facade plasters. Provide quite a decent view of the front of your house; the costs on it would be acceptable.

– Siding. This material has appeared recently. Because of its relatively low cost, ease of installation, siding, just “broke” into the building materials market. It has a large assortment of colours, which allowed him to win a lot of popularity in the design of the building surfaces. The most commonly used vinyl, ground and wood siding.

Decorating of house facade

Getting acquainted with the process of organizing your facade, you can notice that one facing of the facade can not always help to achieve the desired. And you want, of course, the beauty of the house, that every passing admired it and envied your ability to create this beauty. To do this there are a variety of decorative elements. So let’s start decorating the facade of the house. Look at some elements of the décor and the most common front yard landscape ideas:

– Cornices. This is the most common element of decor.

– Rusty. This element of decoration of the facade of the building was known in ancient Greece. But today it has not lost its popularity. Rust is artistically made with some plaster wall surfaces (window frames, doors, corners, etc.).Most often, they have a view of a brick or masonry with rough fractured surfaces in the form of rectangular prisms or pyramids.

– The bas-reliefs. It is the most beautiful and spectacular element of the decor of the facade of the building.

– Columns and capitals. Is not only functional element of architecture, but also a wonderful decoration for the façade of the building, which gives it a majestic view.

– Capitals – this is artistically decorated the upper part of the column, which goes beyond it.

– Decoration of windows and doors.

– Facade lighting. With properly organized façade lighting your home will fabulously transform in the evening, as it will be emphasized invisible in the afternoon design elements of its dignity.

There are several types of facade lighting. Consider some of them:

In conclusion

Medicine and psychologists unanimously say about the impact of the environment on human health. If people watching around the beauty and harmony, are in it, so their mood is excellent, and the soul feels comfort and peace. And for this should serve beautifully executed landscaping ideas for front yard your home!

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