Guide for French Doors with Screens

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french storm doors with screens

French doors with screens are indeed great for adding privacy which all homeowners need when they need their own quality time. For that, you need to pay attention on important things and elements which will determine the result, from the single or double screen type, then the dimensions of the French doors itself, consider the barrier free entry, retractable or pleated, the visibility of the screens and of course the functionality which are all important stuff to consider further.

Speaking of the screens, French doors with screens, especially the double screen ones are generally more aesthetic and beautiful than the single screen one. It is because the doors which are installed with double screens look more balanced. French door with screen, especially the single screen one is actually suitable for French doors which are smaller. Still, consider the screen numbers is decided based on how you are going to use the doors and along with the how wide the opening is.

Then, French doors with screens are actually measured the size of the French doors, whether those are wide or narrow. Wide French doors with the openings from 1.6 meters and above, it is actually more convenient and much comfortable if you have double screens. Then, for narrow French doors with openings less than 1.6 meters, if you use one door then go with double screens, if you use both of the doors, then go with single screen.

Since French doors with screens are usually installed in high traffic area, then you can choose to install the tracks which are recessed into the floor. Then, if you do not want any extra expense, go with narrow bottom tracks which will give you better solutions. For this, consider between retractable or pleated, both pros and cons of each sides are actually depending on the application. For that, you need to consider the visibility, consider how retractable is less visible and less decorative than the pleated ones.

french door instant bug screen

Guide for French Doors with Screens
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Last, French doors with screens can be better with the pleated ones when you aim for full functionality with easier way to use and maintenance. Then, consider that the pleated ones have real narrow tracks and those easily blend with any frame of a French door. The retractable ones are rolling into cassettes which will completely disappear when it is not used. But, it requires tallest tracks at the bottom and the top when you are going to install it.

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