English cottage house plans

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Accommodation in the city has a certain effect upon all the inhabitants of the metropolis. Today, however, is becoming more popular suburban housing, and this is understandable. After all, what could be better than after a busy day, the rest of the evening to spend in nature, in peace and tranquility, in your own country house … If you only plan to build such a house, then you should consider the various options of suburban projects.

English style of the house

More and more popular today acquires a house or cottage in the English style, the demand for them is extremely high. This style has a distinctive feature – the strict, distinct features of the facade, which are made of natural stone, or quality substitutes. The adage about that a man’s house is his castle at the same time is known to all, but the cottage in the English style really confirms it. Structures of natural stone are very similar to the fortress. The entire look of the house breathes reliability and comfort. In such a house you want to live, create and raise children!

If you decide to register a cottage in the English style, then you should know that this design imposes on the life of people living in it a certain mark: rigorous, geometrically correct, but nevertheless, cozy atmosphere in a certain sense dictates you calm, measured rhythm of life.

Main features of English style

English cottage plans and style in general has characteristic features that are specific to the Victorian era. Ceilings in these homes are high, windows – wide, room – spacious. Being in such an environment, people will definitely feel a surge of strength, unbridled freedom, fresh air flowing … This is wonderful home, especially for the creative minds – there is nothing in these cottages that would be paralyzed man as in the external and the internal level.

English cottage house plans
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As for the interior decoration, and in this case, an English-style cottage has to be made according to certain rules. Victorian trim – it is primarily various interior details that complement the exterior of the house; it emphasized the rigor and elegance. These are the picture in a dimly glowing gilt frames, exquisite statues, antique candle holders, sconces, and so on.

The second floor of the cottage occupies a bedroom (s), the first – living room, kitchen, bathroom, boiler room. Often house includes a garage for the car, often converted from an old barn.

An indispensable accessory of such a cottage is a fireplace. Chimney in classic English cottage home plans is located along the end – perpendicular to the ridge of the roof.

The classic English cottage can be seen in the movie “The Holiday» (2008). Maybe you can even use these English cottage house plans to build your own.

The “ready” house

By the way, if you do not have the time or desire to engage in construction and English house plans, you can buy a finished house and do it with the overhaul of the features that are listed in this article. To do this, you need to find a gated development in the suburbs and find out if there is a house for sale that is waiting for his master – you. If you chose to create a gem from your home in the style of the English aristocracy, no doubt – your choice is correct.

English cottage house plans – video

13 Pictures of the English cottage house plans

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