Egress Window as the Solution of Giving Safe Route from Fire

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Our today’s discussion goes to egress window. What kind of window is it? Are you familiar with the term egress? Not many people are familiar with it. Well, if you are not really familiar or even you do not have any information about the windows, we provide you with the details information about it. So, stay here and let us check it out.

The Requirements Sizes of Egress Window Based on IRC

Egress window is the window that can provide you a safe route to escape from home when your home is on fire. It needs specific location in your home and just used for emergency situation. The windows are usually used in the sleeping area and also in the basement with the space which is habitable. This kind of window meets specific egress window requirements of the sizes and also specific size to qualify. Then what are the requirements?

The requirements need for this emergency window various. The window should meet the International Residential Code which consists of four points. The minimum opening width is 20 in. meanwhile for the height is 24 in. The net clear should be 5.7 ft and the maximum height of the sill above the floor is 44 in. Those are some point the egress window should have based on IRC.

double hung egress window

Egress Window as the Solution of Giving Safe Route from Fire
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19 Pictures of the Egress Window as the Solution of Giving Safe Route from Fire

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