Cottage style decorating ideas

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Sometimes the freedom of choose make it even more complicated, especially if it is associated with a country cottage. After all, if in a city apartment, we are restricted to beyond our control factors in separate cottage we can afford everything. Let’s try to figure out how not to get lost in the abundance of options.

From what to start

Folk wisdom suggests “dancing” around the stove. This advice seemed to be specifically addressed by interior designers of country house. After all, it is the hearth that throughout human history was the sacred centre of any activity, whether it were religious rites, cooking or departure on a journey. And to this day fire magically continues to affect on us. Below you can see a few cottage decorating ideas.

English and Scottish styles

The perfect solution for a more classic design of the fireplace area, whether it is in a separate room or in the common room, is the design of the English or the Scottish style. These styles are like nothing else will emphasize a comfort surrounding fire space. It may be a raging storm out of the windows – but inside it will always be dry and warm. Such cottage living room ideas will give you necessary calm and cosy atmosphere.

The main highlight of the English-Scottish-style of the floor, walls and furniture ornaments in the “tartan” – checked red and other colours. Such a plaid on the leather chair near the fireplace is a classic example of a simple and effective achievement of the English-Scottish-style.

Cottage style decorating ideas
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Other distinctive features include English-style wall decoration with oak or walnut panelled cloth of green cloth on the desk, vertical bar in the decoration of furniture upholstery. Wood panels and furniture should keep drawing its texture, so its handling is reduced to a minimum – enough to cover with wax or varnish.

In addition to the fireplace room for decoration in the English and Scottish style is great libraries and classrooms. But cottage bedroom ideas are different. The bedroom is better to do in Victorian style with its fantastic wall furniture and rich fabrics, curtains and bedspreads.

Classic style

Very beautiful is also a classic style, characterized by proportionality and clarity of its elements. Minimal decor will allow focusing on the fire, the landscape outside the window and communicating with each other. After all you’ve built cottage to escape from everyday worries and give more attention to each other!

Mediterranean style

It is not necessarily to withstand a single style for all areas – for example, for the kitchen of a country house is perfect Mediterranean-style type of Catalan Art Nouveau or Provence. Trim the seriousness of the English with French frivolity! Fire gamma of pattern “tartan” in the area of ​​the fireplace will well combine with the blue-white checkerboard style of Provence in the kitchen, because the water is no less important element than fire.

Concluding remarks

To sums up all that can be said about the cottage design ideas it must be said that the cottage should be as close to the nature as possible, surrounded with friendly family atmosphere. It isn’t actually to use frills in the furnishings and decor, to pursuit of fashion, to make attempts to implement new products, existing only in the form of photos and computer models. Let the design of your home to lead the same eternal principles on which nature lives.

Cottage style decorating ideas – video

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