Choosing the Right Window Treatment, Window Shades or Blinds

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Different window treatments have come to the market and then left in only a few years. Remember the time when the windows are heavily draped that the window treatments look like Niagara Falls? The time has passed and now it is the time of the minimalist. Simply yet so sophisticated is the style that is prefers today for window shades and blinds.

The window shades and blinds can help you to dress the windows in such a tidy and uncluttered way so that the outdoor views are not obstructed. These window treatments can also help to control the light from the outdoor as well as provide with the necessary insulation for power usage efficiency. The window blinds are often described as the hard treatment. They control the incoming light with their slates or vanes that can be tilted up and down. They can be opened or pulled up completely to provide the homeowners with the view to the other side of the window.

On the other hand, the window shades are called the soft treatments for windows. The shades can be lowered or raised to provide with the level of privacy you wish to share. However, if you are using the shade, you would have to sacrifice the natural light as it can block the light. There are two types of openings, the one that can be opened from the bottom and the second is the one that can be opened from the top.

The window shades are used for a large variety of window treatments. Among these shades are the fabric Roman shades which features a pull cord mechanism and flat horizontal cord, the insulating cellular shades which is a fabric folded into the honeycomb shapes, and the shadings which are the mixture of window coverings with movable fabric vanes.

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Choosing the Right Window Treatment, Window Shades or Blinds
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If you want to know about the choices of window shades or window blinds that you have to know your window. So there is nothing better than the other. There is only one that is more suitable for a certain window. The choice also depends on the kind of look that you want for the house. Another factor is the light and privacy. How much light and privacy would you like to share? If you want to avoid the preying eyes of the nosy neighbor, then the shade is the choice for you, on the other hand, if you want natural light and full scenery of the backyard, then it is the blind.

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