Chinese style in the interior of the kitchen

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The interest in the Chinese style in the interior kitchen appeared in the 18th century thanks to the exotic products of the Chinese masters, porcelain, bamboo carved figurines. Today it is supported, and this interesting area of esoterics, as Feng Shui – the doctrine about organization of space and energy.

Making the kitchen in the Chinese style, you will receive an original and soulful place to stay, reception of guests, parties and family dinners. This kitchen looks festive and at the same time.

Chinese style kitchen is based on the principles of energy, closeness to nature, traditions.

The organization of the kitchen interior in this case will require functionality and simplicity, minimal furniture, natural materials in the finishing and decoration. The kitchen in the Chinese style more elegant and bright compared to the Japanese, but carries the same principles of minimalism and philosophical attitude to life.

In the interior should not be overloaded and sharp corners. The walls are sheathed with wood paneling or Wallpaper are pasted over from bamboo and silk. Motives can be different: characters, birds, flowers, dragon.

Chinese style in the interior of the kitchen
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One of the walls can be decorated with lightweight panel with carved Oriental ornaments. The ceiling is left white or is wooden beams, squares, stained glass Windows with traditional Chinese images. Floors are usually wood or stone. All colors in light beige or dark red tones. Instead of doors use a bamboo blind or a light screen.

In the interior of the kitchen are natural, natural shades and red, blue and gold colors. Red can be replaced with a combination of dark brown wood with milky beige tones. Light in this kitchen should be plenty. The lighting is soft, natural, flowing.
His sources are usually hidden behind paper shades, suspended from the ceiling or standing on the floor. Chandeliers are unacceptable.

10 Pictures of the Chinese style in the interior of the kitchen

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