Carmona Bonsai Care Secret

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Carmona bonsai is one of the species of trees that is usually grown in a pot. Bonsai is the art of planting and growing a plant in a small pot or container. There are many species of plants that are used as bonsai. The one that you can try is Carmona microphylla. People usually call it Fukien tea bonsai tree. It has darker gray bark, white flowers, and knobby wood. You need to diligently water the plant to keep the bonsai in healthy condition.

Taking Care of Carmona Bonsai

If you want to plant and grow Carmona bonsai, you need to do these steps. Since you need to check the moist of the soil you use to plant the bonsai, you need to feel the soil. If it is dry, you need to water it. If it is still bit wet, you can water it in another moment. The best time to check the soil is in the morning or in the day. The sun can make the soil dry so you need to check the soil of Carmona bonsai. You can water it with adequate water.

If this is the time for you to water Carmona bonsai, you need to pour the water on the pot. Make sure that you do it at the base of the pot. Then, you should wait for it until it drips from the bottom of the bonsai. You need to do the same thing twice. This double action aims to make sure that all the roots get watered perfectly and well. If you see some water comes out to the drainage dish, you can just remove it.

If the season in your country is summer or spring, you need to check the soil of the bonsai twice a day. It aims to make sure that you do not miss one moment if the soil is dry. If you see any sign of the water runs out, you need to immediately pour the water. If the bonsai dies, it will look bad and the leaves will turn yellowish. To avoid any root burnt, you can apply fertilizers after watering Carmona bonsai.

Carmona Bonsai Care Secret
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