Bonsai Ficus Ginseng Basic Guide for Dummies

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Who love gardening with bonsai ficus ginseng? Gardening is one of hobbies for some people. This is an activity of taking care of plants at home. This activity can be very relaxing, that is why many people love it. There are many plants that can be planted at home. If you have no enough land for planting trees, there is one unique plant that you can choose: the art of planting bonsai. There are some types of bonsai but you can work with this ficus.

Planting Bonsai Ficus Ginseng

If you are about to plant bonsai ficus ginseng, there are several points that you should understand. It aims to make the bonsai planting project successful. First, you need to really concern about the environment around you. The best temperature for bonsai is warm and humid. If you live in a cooler place, you can still grow some. But it can be much better if you plant it in a warmer temperature. This is better for you not to place it directly under the sunlight.

Next, you should prepare the best home for bonsai ficus ginseng. For the first several years, you will grow this plant in their original pot. But when there comes the time when you have to move the plant, choose a large pot. It aims to give enough space for the plant. It has large root system. If you give a small pot, the plant will suffer. You will never imagine on how the plant will outgrow. You should also insert nutrients in the pot.

We believe that bonsai is a small plant. People usually cut or trim the plant to make it smaller. Letting the plant grow more and more is not always the health symbol of tree. But you still need to give the tree chance to grow. If it grows, the root and structure will also grow as well. As a smart owner, you should understand how to take care of bonsai ficus ginseng well.

Bonsai Ficus Ginseng Basic Guide for Dummies
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