Bathroom Vanities with Tops

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Renovating your bathroom vanity can be a hard thing to do when you are dealing with a tight budget. Don’t worry, instead of changing the whole set of your vanity, which can cost much money, you can always opt to change some parts of it only. For example, the vanity tops. Changing bathroom vanity tops in fact can completely change the look of your bathroom depends on how smart you are in choosing the perfect top for you vanity. Here are some hints for you if you are planning to change your tops.
The first thing that you need to remember when choosing the best bathroom vanity tops is choosing the right material. Your vanity tops will deal with lots of chemical substance such as soap, toothpaste, acetone and alcohol based liquid. Sometimes they have to deal with heat from your hair dryer too. in this term, you must choose durability over look. The most common material for bathroom vanity tops are granite and marble, laminate, solid surface, tile and wood. All of them has their ups and down but if you seal them well they can stand against all odds in your wet bathroom.

If granite and marble bathroom vanities tops are famous for their beauty, laminate is famous for their cost friendly nature. A solid granite or marble stone might cost you a fortune but you can always have tiles for a much cheaper option without loosing the beauty of it. If you still insist on having the wonderful look of those natural stones, you can always choose from the various kinds of designs and colors laminate products have. Manufacturers have made them in the way you have never imagined before. Wood can be your classy option if you opt to have a luxurious English style bathroom but you need to seal it well since it is much more fragile than the other materials.

19 Pictures of the Bathroom Vanities with Tops

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