Baseboard Trim Design for Clean and Appealing Home

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Baseboard Trim is one of the simple home features that could make your old house look new and clean because this kind of trim could cover the gaps or flaws between the wall and floor. Baseboard trim design is used since World War II but this kind of trim is still popular in today’s households. This kind of trim are believed could make a house look fancy and attractive than the house that not used this kind of trim.

Baseboard Trim Design

Baseboard trim styles consist of three layers like flat plank, decorative cap molding and rounded shoe are molding. This kind of trim could make the transition between floor and wall looks invisible and neat. Baseboard Trim could change your old molding without using too many tools. You could change your old molding with this kind of trim with some easy steps.

To apply this kind of trim, there are no special requirements. You could use this kind of trim in any room condition especially when your room has a gap between the floor and wall. Baseboard Trim is the best solution to make your house look clean and neat without spending much of your money for having home renovation.

baseboard trim

Baseboard Trim Design for Clean and Appealing Home
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17 Pictures of the Baseboard Trim Design for Clean and Appealing Home

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