A living fence is a decoration for your home

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It seems that the theme garden fences and fences simply inexhaustible. There are new architectural solutions and revived forgotten. Fences strong influence on garden design and even the architecture of the whole building and a country house in particular. Whether you’re building a country house or a cottage, you always want to have something bright, unique and not like others. Oddly enough, but the fences, due to its diversity, is largely able to satisfy this desire. In your review, we have tried to show all the diversity of barriers and recommendations to help choose the most optimal option for you.

Living fence

Living fence — fence is universal. It is suitable for fencing of cottage and summer house. The only difference is used the bushes and trees. If they tolerate pruning, the architecture of the enclosure can be any. Cut “hedge” — a reliable barrier to those wishing to climb over the fence. For summer residences and gardens of such a fence is better to make climbing and fast-growing vines or ivy type of girlish grapes. Shrubs and trees with a strong root system are planted for fencing large areas and only in cases when there are no other plantings. Shrubs and trees are planted on both sides and in staggered order from a stretched wire between the posts.

For planting along the living fence choose shrubs and low-growing trees with small root system, good tolerance to frequent pruning (formation of the green fence) and maintain dense foliage from spring to late autumn. It should be borne in mind that annually cut the plants do not bloom and produce fruit. For evergreen living fences we can recommend domestic juniper: a slow growing, and trimming is formed into the desired crown. The tree is also good in the fence, but after 10 — 15 years, they have to uproot too much growing root system, which prevents others to grow the crop in consequence of which they only fit large areas.
For small areas, green fence it is better to arrange the planting of hops, ivy and maiden grapes (a family of vines): a small root system and rapid growth. That leaves with a green fence for the winter shed, is for summer residents and gardeners their indisputable advantages. For the safety of the house it would be better if after the end of the summer season the entire area visible from the street. Depending on planted shrubs and trees “living” fence can become an insurmountable obstacle to the penetration to the site: regular pruning will make it strong and impenetrable.

A living fence is a decoration for your home
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