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Sunday was chilly and rainy. A good day to spend at home trying out a new recipe for our family Sunday dinner dessert. I found the raspberry coffee cake recipe on Taste of Home HERE. It is rather time-consuming. You have to be in the mood. ( smile ) I will list the recipe first, […]

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vintage canisters

Awhile back I posted about a tiny tweak to my galley kitchen ( HERE ) Another small tweak :  I picked up this little shelf at the mission store a few weeks ago …it was just perfect for a wee bit of additional storage.  I used it on top of the fridge. I also picked […]

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There are not too many scents to compare with red and green peppers sauteing in a skillet or on a grill, unless you add sweet Italian sausage and some tomatoes to the mix.     Later on, add some more tomatoes or sauce from a jar……     Yum. I do love a plate of […]

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Changing times part 2

  part two   ( I broke up this post so that it would not be too long ) I did not mind being so busy, for the most part.  The work had a lot of variety. The majority of it involved production and print of software boxes, manuals, etc. that would later be assembled […]

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Changing times….

When I moved to my little 1917 bungalow 10 years ago, I’d taken a huge step. My husband and I had split up about 3 years prior. I was awarded alimony but did not take it as it would have bankrupted HIM. To this day, I am extremely proud that I did not do that […]

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