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Easter Bunny in Camo

This bunny came to visit and also intended on digging to get under the fence. Not safe…the backyard is dog territory and he’d not be able to escape as quickly as the little squirrels do. But a few shots before I chased him to the front for his safety.

With the brilliant sunshine / shadows at that time of day, I thought it interesting …he’s almost camouflaged.

Bunny collage


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Around here, early April

The little chickadees are still enjoying their visits here …as are the other birds that have visited over the winter. However the noisy and adorable little wrens have not been seen nor heard from for several weeks now. I wonder why?

Chickadee Collage

We have had a lot of rain lately…very muddy & messy out there… but at least the neighbor’s daffodils are coming up :)


daffodils coming up

My lilac is starting to bud…

lilad bud

And then there’s this wild onion grass that comes up every year and needs weeded out…

wild onion

Mostly it’s either been mild and raining or cold and raining, though at the close of the other day there were several rainbows…one very fleeting and then another shortly afterward.

rain collage

Looking at the forecast, it’s going to do more of the same soon.

Weather comparisons

It warmed up a bit on Saturday and the rain held off until later in the afternoon. The weather forecast calls for some snow in the morning. Not a lot…just an inch or so.

I looked back on this blog to see what the weather was like here at the end of last March and this is what I saw for March 25!

March 25 snow about 4 inches at foot of steps

This was about 4 1/2 inches pre-dawn and we ended up with at least 6.

Meanwhile since there was a weather break I caught a few shots of a robin. They’ve been around for about two weeks now…

Robin Collage



Nothing says spring like the return of the Robins though in recent winters I saw them much earlier than this year.

“EXCUSE ME!!  I think that I should STILL be the center of attention here!!”

Squirrel and Peanut in yard

Alright, little buddy…I’ll take your picture too! :)

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“What are you looking at? ”

What are you looking at

“I’m looking at you ”

I am looking at you mr jay

“Well there is a peanut on the ledge and I mean to get it”

bluejay collage

“I see it and you don’t have to be so noisy!”


” Well now you have gone and hurt my feelings”


“Get your peanut and get out. I want the quieter birds this close. You are a bit much for me!” ( she said, tail switching furiously )


And so he did.

“Happy now?”


“Happy as can be! ”

Kanga Happy

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pretty moon march 19


Moon later on pic two


Moon later collage


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